Brief description

We have explored all regions and sites in Mauritania included in the offered itinerary to create a balanced and well-thought-out program that meets the expectations of our travelers.

We don't refer to any of our trips as expeditions, but we chose to call our journey to Mauritania an expedition due to its truly adventurous nature. We'll be traveling deep into the country by jeep, camping in the wild in some places, and navigating mostly non-existent or difficult-to-pass roads. This is a real adventure in a wild, sparsely populated land where the locals' way of life has remained unchanged for decades, or even centuries. Mauritania is a destination for travelers seeking an authentic and untamed experience.

Our itinerary includes the most important and interesting places in the country. These include the capital city of Nouakchott, which has the largest camel and livestock market in Mauritania, as well as the largest fish harbor and market in the country. We will visit Matmata, a picturesque canyon that is home to the only remaining crocodiles in the Sahara.

We will head to the remote desert town of Tijikja, where we will spend about an hour or two. Then, we will go hiking on trails, take a swim in mineral springs, and go rock climbing in the Terjit Oasis.We will immerse ourselves in the mysteries of the ancient cities of Chinguetti and Ouadane, with their libraries of ancient texts and old mosques. Later, we will reach the phenomenal geological structure known as the "Eye of the Sahara" and explore the caves with ancient drawings.

We will travel directly through the Sahara desert, experiencing some of the most dramatic desert landscapes in the world - vast canyons, rocky fields, extensive dunes (we will even spend a night on some of them), oases, and savannas. We will travel through almost all types of desert habitats and natural phenomena.

The trip concludes on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, where we will enjoy an exotic beach with a nice fish restaurant.

Notes: This adventure might include a ride on the famous iron ore train. If all participants express a desire to ride the train, the program and price will be adjusted accordingly. For more details, please contact us.

This travelogue is from our exploratory trip to Mauritania in February 2023.

All photos are from our trips through the country.

Basic Information

Travel period: November - March (winter months);

Dates: 20 - 29 November 2024;

Duration: 8 nights / 10 days;

Group: 5-7 people;

Price per person for a group with a tour leader from the agency, excluding plane tickets: 2,100 Euro/person (for a group of 7 people). If the group is smaller, the price will increase slightly accordingly.

Price includes:

Guides/drivers: Tour leader from the Agency (Pavel) and local drivers/guides;

Transfers and transportation: all transfers and transportation in two Toyota Hilux 4x4 (3-4 people per jeep);

Accommodation: Accommodation options during the trip are as follows:

On days 1, 5, 6, and 8, accommodation will be provided in hotels. The hotel on the first night in Nouakchott is a luxurious one with a swimming pool. The hotels on days 5 and 6 are basic, with rooms containing two beds without blankets and pillows. On day 5, the hotel has a bathroom and toilet in the room, while on day 6, there are shared bathrooms and toilets.

On nights 3 and 4, accommodation will be in a camp with ready-made tents. Each tent will have two mattresses inside but without blankets and pillows. Shared bathrooms and toilets will be available.

On days 2 and 7, we will engage in wild camping using tents that will be provided in the jeeps. Mattresses and all necessary camping equipment will be available for camping in the wild.

For all nights, except for the first and last night, participants are required to bring their own sleeping bags. The rest of the camping equipment will be provided on-site.

Food: All breakfasts and most dinners.


Excursions: Walking tour to the Terjit Oasis with a local guide;

Visa permits/invitations: All visa permits and invitations.

Price does not include: Airfares (1) - we can book your flights from any location in the world to Nouakchott airport; all lunches and dinners on days 1, 8, and 9; travel insurance (you can purchase one from your own country or we can arrange it for you); personal expenses.

(1) Flight tickets with Turkish Airlines:

The group will fly directly from Istanbul Airport to Nouakchott. We can book your flights from anywhere in the world to Nouakchott Airport.

Departure: Istanbul 01.40 - Nouakchott 05.45;

Return: Nouakchott 20.50 - Istanbul 06.25;


This program offers an overview of the key aspects of the trip. If you require customized solutions based on your specific case and circumstances, please contact us via email. We can arrange flight tickets from any location worldwide to the trip's starting point. Furthermore, we can handle hotel transfers and any necessary documents. Our team will provide assistance throughout the entire organization process. Feel free to reach out to us without hesitation via email!


Day 1 Arrival in Mauritania: Nouakchott with the Fishing Harbor

Today we arrive in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. After completing border formalities, we will have a transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon, we will to take a walk around the city. However we will spend most of our time at the fishing harbor, one of the largest, most colorful, and exotic harbors in the world. We will spend the night in a luxurious hotel with a pool. Lunch and dinner are not included in the overall price for today.


Day 2: Matmata (Crocodile Lake)

Our goal today is to visit the picturesque Matmata Canyon, which is located deep in the Sahara Desert, about 500 km from the capital. For the last hour or so, we will be driving off-road through the sand, oases, and small villages.This is the only place in the Sahara where crocodiles still live, but we will only be observing them from a distance as they are aggressive and difficult to approach. We will be camping in the canyon overnight.


Day 3 Towards Terjit; Tidjikja

After having breakfast around the campfire, we head towards the Terjit oasis. The road is particularly scenic and we will make several stops for pictures. On the way, we will spend about an hour or two in the small town of Tidjikja, which is a remote, wild and primitive place. We will take a walk around the town.

Continuing on one of the most picturesque routes of the journey, we finally arrive at the Terjit oasis in the evening. The location is exceptionally picturesque, making it a perfect spot for overnight camping. We will settle into a campsite with pre-made tents. Each tent has two mattresses and nothing else. The bathrooms and toilets are shared, but they are clean with running water. The people at the camp are great cooks, so we'll have a really nice dinner.


Day 4 Terjit

We will spend the day at this oasis, taking a walking tour to the other end through palm groves, hills, springs, and other desert delights. There is a particularly beautiful place that you will definitely enjoy. In the village, there are small souvenir shops. The place is lovely and very suitable for relaxation. We will spend the night in the same camp with tents.


Day 5 Chinguetti

After the breakfast at the camp, we continue our journey towards the ancient Chinguetti, a center of Islamic scholarship in West Africa. The Friday Mosque is particularly interesting and we will have a good view of it from the roof of one of the libraries in the area. This mosque was built in the 13th or 14th century and has the second oldest continuously used minaret in the Muslim world. However, non-believers are not allowed to enter the mosque.

The city's libraries are the most interesting places in town and the main reason for travelers to visit the region.. Currently, there are five active libraries, and we will visit at least one of them. There, we will see old texts, some of which are over 300 years old. The experience is truly unique.

The largest and most extensive sand dunes in the Sahara are located around the city. We will cross them the next day. We will spend the night in chalets (no sheets, blankets, or pillows). There are clean toilets and bathrooms with hot water available. Breakfast and dinner will be provided.

Day 6 Towards Ouadane through ancient cave paintings and the "Eye of Sahara"

Today, we will continue on to the ancient town of Ouadane. Since there are no roads, we will drive directly through the desert. Along the way, we will make stops to take photos, and to explore a cave complex with ancient paintings of animals and humans. Although paintings like these can be found in many places in the Sahara, here they are remarkably well-preserved.

We will also pass through the "Eye of the Sahara" (Richat Structure), a geological phenomenon with a round shape and a huge radius that cannot be seen clearly from the ground but is very visible from space. The place is magical, and the landscapes are breathtaking.

Ouadane is a small town located at the southern edge of the Adrar plateau. The town was an important stop for caravans transporting salt. The old town, a world heritage site, although in ruins, gives an idea of the size and prosperity of the place. We will take a good walk around the old town with a local guide.

Our hotel offers twin rooms, each with a private bathroom and toilet. Sheets and blankets are provided for your comfort. Breakfast and dinner are included, and the local cuisine is known for its delicious flavors.


Day 7 Erg Amatlich Dunes, near the town of Akjoujt

Ouadane is the farthest point we will reach. From there, we will slowly make our way back west towards the capital, Nouakchott. Today, we will arrive at the Erg Amatlich Dunes near the town of Akjoujt, where we will set up our own tents for the second time and enjoy a night of wild camping. The area is truly picturesque. In the evening, we will enjoy the beautiful sunset over the dunes.


Day 8 Heading to the Atlantic

After breakfast around the campfire, we set off towards the Atlantic Ocean. Our destination is a charming seaside village that boasts a quaint hotel and restaurant serving fresh fish right on the beach. We will spend the night at the hotel. If we have time today, we will spend some time on the beach; otherwise, we will enjoy it the following morning. Although the sea is not suitable for swimming, the beach is stunning, immaculate, and exotic.


Day 9 Nouakchott

Before lunch, we will have some time to relax at the beach. Afterwards, we will visit the largest market for camels and livestock in Mauritania, which is also one of the largest in Africa.

In the late afternoon, we will arrive at the airport for our evening flight back to Istanbul or your home destination.


Day 10 Arrival at your home country

End of the program.

How to join us

Please email us if you would like more information about this trip or to sign up. We will respond as soon as possible and keep you updated on the organisation and all other details. If you are a group of at least 5 or 6 people (maximum 8), we can discuss dates that work for your group. You can also sign up for future trips. To join the list, simply send us your names. That's it!


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