An introduction to Iran - from Tehran to Shiraz in 7 days

An introduction to Iran - from Tehran to Shiraz in 7 days

Short description

This itinerary/program is for people who do not have much time but want to see the highlights of Iran. We start with a sightseeing tour around the Iranian capital, Tehran. Then continue southwards to Abiane, the old mountain village where people still wear their traditional costumes. The next stop is Kashan, with the most beautiful houses in Iran. Then follows the fairy-tale Isfahan with all its interesting sights, including the Armenian quarter Julfa with the Armenian church, small cafes and narrow streets. The next stops on the route are the ancient Pasargades, the Temple of Cyrus the Great, the Necropolis and Persepolis. We dedicate a whole day to Shiraz - the city of poetry, gardens and nightingales. From Shiraz, we fly back to Istanbul and Sofia.

Basic Information

Category: Group with fixed dates / Group without selected dates;

Travel period: Spring/Autumn;

Dates: November 2-9, 2022; If you are a group of at least 5 or 6, we can arrange this trip for dates that are convenient for you, or you can get on a list for future trips.

Duration: 5 nights/7 days;

Group: 6/8 people;

Price: 1.095 € per person (Group with seven persons); In the case of a smaller group, the price increases slightly.

Included in the Price: Transfers to and from Tehran/Shiraz airport; Tour leader; English-speaking knowledgeable local guide; Private transportation and driver around Iran; 5 nights accommodation in small boutique hotels in rooms for two people, breakfast included (there is an extra charge for a single room); All entrance fees to museums; An invitation letter needed for the visa;

Not included in the Price: Air tickets for Turkish Airlines flights Sofia - Tehran and Shiraz - Sofia on the route back (1); lunches and dinners (total about $150 for all days in excellent restaurants) (3); Iran visa (80 euros; payable at the airport) (2); additional special insurance for Iran (10 euros, payable at Tehran airport); travel insurance (we can arrange if you don’t have one); other insurances such as "Travel Cancelation"; personal expenses.

(1) Flights with Turkish Airlines

Note: The group will travel from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Iran via Istanbul (Turkey). We can arrange air tickets from your home country to Iran via Istanbul so that we can meet at Istanbul airport, or we can offer another itinerary/air tickets. We can arrange a transfer to the hotel in Tehran if you are flying separately from the group. Please contact us for the available options.

Departure: Sofia 21.25 - Istanbul 23.50; Istanbul 01.45 - Tehran 05.20;

Return flight: Shiraz 02.55 - Istanbul 06.35; Istanbul 08.45 - Sofia 09.00;

Price: 514 €/person (at the time of booking, the price may be different).

(2) The Visa for Iran costs 80 euros. We will arrange the visa, which we will get at the airport in Tehran. It is NOT a VOA (Visa on Arrival), but a regular visa with a unique number, which we will get separately and in advance. The passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the date of return to your country and must not have any stamps from Israel. We arrange the visas.

(3) The amount quoted is for meals in relatively expensive restaurants. We often skip lunch and have breakfast so that meals can be quite a bit cheaper than the quoted price.

Covid entry requirements:

Travellers must present a negative PCR test 96 hours before travel and a certificate of Coronavirus vaccination. These rules might change. We will inform you accordingly.

This program presents the main elements of the trip and is far from exhaustive. Please write to us so that we can offer concrete solutions for your case and circumstances. We can arrange flight tickets from anywhere in the world to the trip's starting point. We also can arrange hotel transfers, take care of particular documents or advise on Covid-related travel requirements. We will help at every stage of the organization. Please get in touch with us!


A map of the tour


Day 1 Arrival in Tehran

Today we will arrive and meet at the hotel. We will provide more information about the address of the hotel and other logistic details. We will have a city tour - we will visit Golestan Palace Complex and TV Tower in the evening for magnificent views over the Iranian capital. Overnight stay in Tehran.

Day 2 Depart from Tehran to Kashan; stop at Abianeh mountain village on the way

Abyaneh is a village characterized by a unique reddish hue. It is one of the oldest in Iran. The Abyunaki have persevered in maintaining their traditional costume despite pressure from the government to change it from time to time. Above the village are the ruins of a fortress from the Sasanid period.

In Kashan, we will visit Abbasiyan and Tabatabaie Historic Houses, Soltan Amir Ahmad Historic Hammam (old bath), Kashan Old Bazaar, Aqa Bozorg Mosque-Madrasa, and Fin Garden.

Day 3 Isfahan 

We leave Kashan for Isfahan and drive directly to Isfahan city centre to start sightseeing. Overnight stay in Isfahan.

Day 4 Isfahan - Isfahan city tour. Overnight stay in Isfahan. In Isfahan, we will visit the Chehel Sotoun Palace Garden (WH), the Great Mosque of Isfahan (WH), the Vank Cathedral and the Armenian Quarter.

Day 5 Persepolis, "Pasargad", and Necropolis on the way to Shiraz

Today we will leave Isfahan for Shiraz and visit the historic sites of "Persepolis", "Pasargad", and "Necropolis" on the way. We will spend the night in Shiraz.

Pasargad was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great (559-530 BC), who ordered the construction of the city and the erection of his tomb (UNESCO)

Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550-330 BC), located in the plains of Marvdasht, surrounded by the southern Zagros Mountains. Overnight stay in Shiraz.

Day 6 Shiraz city tour

In Shiraz, we will visit Nasir Al Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque), Narenjestane Qavaam Garden, Vakil Bazaar, Karim Khan Citadel, Eram Garden, Shah Cheragh and Ali Ibne Hamzeh holy shrines (if time permits), Hafeziyyeh (Mausoleum of Hafez, the most famous Iranian poet).

Day 7 Departure from Iran

Today we leave Iran via Shiraz Airport.

How to join us

Please email us if you would like more information about this trip or to sign up. We will respond as soon as possible and keep you updated on the organisation and all other details. If you are a group of at least 5 or 6 people (maximum 8), we can discuss dates that work for your group. You can also sign up for future trips. To join the list, simply send us your names. That's it!

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