We travel slow

We travel slow

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Our groups are small and we travel slowly. We stay long enough to fit naturally into the pace of the local culture. We believe this is the right way to connect with the people and fully experience the places. We travel to places and regions that are usually overlooked by tourists, but are very interesting and offer unusual experiences, culture and knowledge. Pavel designs the tours and itineraries based on his personal travel experiences and local knowledge.

We are interested in the local culture, the local way of life, meeting the locals, etc. We also visit exciting monuments, museums and archaeological sites because they help us understand the context and thus bring us closer to the area or region. The tours are very similar to Pavel's personal travel style - he always wants to get as close as possible to the locals, explore the area in detail and take enough time to feel the place.

Besides, slow travel is much kinder to the environment and also closer to our hearts.

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